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Neurogen are committed to supplying the very best clinical neurophysiology systems. As such, we represent the Deymed product range to support clinical neurophysiology, neurosurgery and critical care teams across the UK and Ireland.

Our product range includes EEG, Sleep/PSG, EMG, TMS and Neurofeedback systems. We also offer a premium selection of accessories, providing a full solution to our customers.

Ultra-Portable EEG for Clinical, ICU, Home recording and other applications.

  • Ultra-portable EEG for Clinical, ICU, Home recording and other applications

  • Wireless communication with our PSG and EEG amplifiers – NO PAIRING REQUIRED

  • Video capture in total darkness, with embedded powerful IR LED light – WITH AUTO DAY/NIGHT MODE ACTIVATION

  • Up to 72 hours of uninterrupted EEG recording with synchronised Full HD video

  • Perform standard HV and Photic activation procedures with ease

  • Quick and easy setup

All systems have the versatility to be used in ambulatory, routine workstation or detached wireless scenarios. When used with a hospital cart, you can quickly detach the amplifier to go wireless and put the headbox next to the patient. The user interface is easy to learn due to the intuitive dashboard style controls. Connectivity to a hospital network including HL7 is possible as well as remote streaming of data anywhere on the network for both EEG and Video. Optional upgrades include VEP, SEP, P300 and synchronised Full HD video.

  • Compact headbox with wireless and ambulatory options
  • Up to 256 channels available

  • Internal charge / Optical Isolations

  • Intuitive “Dashboard” interface

  • Always On Impedance Indications

  • Integrated EP capabilities

The SomniPro PSG is a multi-purpose system that allows for recording both EEG and Sleep studies with ease and includes numerous advanced functions. The headbox can be connected via fibre optics or detached and put in wireless mode, all the while maintaining full synchronisation with networked cameras. Comprehensive EEG or Sleep study reports can be fully customised to the individual needs of your clinic or hospital.

  • Small-lightweight Wireless PSG+Full EEG with dual HD-Video

  • Wireless mode with full synchronisation to HD-Video

  • Long-lasting battery operation with wireless capabilities

  • All necessary channels in a single headbox

The latest TruTrace EMG systems offer the highest quality nerve conduction, EMG and EP recordings available. Additional benefits include the lightning fast and user-friendly software interface, combining powerful customisations and preset protocols for immediate use. All amplifiers and stimulators can be unplugged and used with our portable Traveler configuration, offering complete flexibility and cost efficiency.

  • Modern design with superior signal quality

  • Up to 16 channels available

  • Fast and easy to use with dashboard style interface

  • Basic to advanced configuration of all tests

  • Full control of all functions via dedicated EMG Keyboard

  • Ultrasound integration

Multi-Modal System

Our latest multi-modal system amalgamates all neurophysiology tools to present one system that can do it all!

Our latest multi-modal system is capable of simultaneously recording EEG, Ultrasound and EP/EMG, providing complete flexibility for clinical teams. To our knowledge, this is the only Neurophysiology system that can launch full EP and EMG/NCS studies directly from the EEG software.

The user interface is easy to learn due to the intuitive dashboard style controls. Connectivity to a hospital network including HL7 is possible as well as remote streaming of all data anywhere on the network for EEG with Video, EMG, EP and Ultrasound.

All EEG amplifiers have the versatility to be used in ambulatory, routine workstation or detached wireless modes. You can quickly detach the EEG amplifier to go wireless and put the headbox next to the patient.

  • Up to 256 EEG and 16 EMG/EP channels available

  • Integrated Ultrasound

  • Simultaneous recording of EEG, EMG/EP and Ultrasound recordings

  • Internal charge / Optical isolation for enhanced signal quality

  • Intuitive “Dashboard” interface

  • Compact EEG headbox with wireless and ambulatory options

  • Always On Impedance Indications for EEG

The DuoMAG MP is a single pulse Mono-phasic stimulator used primarily for diagnostic purposes when combined with EMG systems in MEP or collision studies. The major feature of this stimulator is the high-energy pulse (700 Joules per pulse), which is significantly higher than other stimulators that combine Bi-phasic and Mono-phasic pulses in one system. The high energy pulse is necessary for stimulating the lower extremities in peripheral neuropathies or other related disorders.

  • High-power Mono-phasic TMS

  • Up to 2Hz repetition rate (0.5Hz at maximum output)

  • Full control via USB with TruTrace EMG

  • Upgradeable to a paired pulse TMS with second MP stimulator

The DuoMAG MP-Dual combines two DuoMAG MP units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil. By independently controlling the pulse intervals and power level of each DuoMAG MP, it is possible to provide precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses. This is useful for the investigation of Inter-Cortical and Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation. The inter-stimulus interval (ISI) of the two pulses is fully adjustable and it is also possible to connect two individual coils for inter-hemispheric stimulation.

  • Single coil delivery of paired pulses

  • Two coils for inter-hemispheric stimulation

  • Up to 2 Hz repetition rate (0.5 Hz at maximum output)

  • Inter Stimulus Interval (ISI) of 0.1 ms for the range of 0.5-100 ms

The DuoMAG XT is a powerful and flexible magnetic stimulator built for ease-of-use in both research and clinical scenarios. The system can be controlled via the coils, a PC or the DuoMAG touch-screen for ultimate ease-of-use . A major advantage of the DuoMAG family is the option to seamlessly integrate with other Deymed systems including the TruScan EEG and TruTrace EMG/MEP systems. This flexibility makes the DuoMAG unrivalled in its possibilities, as it can be expanded and enhanced to add more options. The system is offered in multiple configurations, from Compact, Cart model and the innovative MagTower that is the first counter-weight balanced arm holder for TMS. The MagTower significantly reduces the difficulty of holding and positioning heavy magnetic coils.

  • Powerful TMS and rTMS for therapy

  • Counter-balanced coil holder for weightless coil positioning

  • Efficient cooled coil that lasts all day

  • Capacitive touch-screen interface with integrated MEP recording

Advanced Neurofeedback system designed for clinicians wishing to use the highest standard for Neurotherapy and Brainfeedback. The most user-friendly interface of any neurofeedback system, the BrainFeedback 2 includes specialized neurofeedback 3D games, trend graph reports and an advanced protocol setup utility as well as new Z-Score training.

  • The highest quality amplifiers for Neurotherapy and qEEG

  • Continuous impedance monitoring of all channels at all times

  • Integrated Z-score training or create numerous custom protocols

  • Custom 3D games included (25+)


Highest quality neurodiagnostic consumables now available from Neurogen – Multi-Purchase discounts available!

  • EMG Needles

  • NCS Adhesive Electrodes

  • EEG Electrodes

  • PSG/Sleep study consumables

  • EP Electrodes

  • And many more…..

NEW – Disposable EEG Tech System

The Tech System™ is a new and innovative technique for applying EEG electrodes. This is a three step system that is designed to not only eliminate excess waste, but also to significantly reduce skin breakdown. Each kit comes complete with a set of 24 Tech Dots, a single patient use Tech Prep stick, and 24 individual Tech Tape pads for added adhesive.


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